About god who?

Religion is an interesting thing. It has shaped the world as we know it today, shaped history and impacts all of us. Yet it is flawed, false and generally causes problems. There are a lot of people who have recognized this, but have a hard time dealing with it, what with the things society and family tell us we should think and the way we were raised.

So this site is for new atheists, agnostics, Brights and generally non-theists – especially those who are facing a difference of opinion with those closest to them. When one is at odds with family and friends, it can be a very trying experience, and that is the idea behind this page – ideas, support, conversation about the experience of being a non-theist in a theist world.

At the same time, hopefully there will be interesting thoughts and ideas that will spur conversation on in general. Personally, I’ve found so many helpful sites on atheism and secular humanism (these are the blog roll), but few that focus on the new atheist, the person coming to grips with the realization that god is not what we were brought up with, if at all

I specifically suggest checking out The Brights for a formal look at a naturalistic point of view as well as Richard Dawkins’ web sites for news and updates from the rationalist point of view. Dawkins’ RSS feed is also excellent, along with the many in the blog roll.

This page is intended to be collaborative, and hopefully the comment policy is open enough to let many people participate. If you are interested in becoming a formal contributor, please post an insightful comment and ask about contributing – this can’t be a 2 person effort and more minds are better.

For the time being, this will be an entirely non-commercial web site. If there is any possibility of the operators reaping any economic reward there will be full disclosure. If, on some off chance, this site becomes useful and outgrows the current WordPress hosting there may be a need to move to a more commercialized site to allow for more collaborative/community features, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

So, look around, enjoy, and contribute!


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