Here we have it…

final proof of intelligent design.

(The embedded player is flash based and doesn’t seem to play well with WordPress, so click the linky 🙂

Well, I’m convinced. Clearly, bananas we made for humans, and humans were made for bananas.

HT to K man.

After watching the above video, I had to poke around the site to see it was a joke. If it is a joke, it is one of the most elaborate and convincing internet hoaxes I’ve ever seen. Sadly, I fear it is for real. Thankfully, most of the comments seem to be from the enlightened.

Here is another hilarious video on “Creation Science”. In this video we learn the ‘real’ story of plate tectonics (days, not millions of years), how these plate tectonics cause a worldwide flood, and how the recession of the flood results in mountain ranges being formed in days or weeks. Wow, I really wish this were a joke, or that this guy had less time on his hands.


~ by BK on 21 March, 2007.

One Response to “Here we have it…”

  1. Isn’t there another type of mammal in existence that also demonstrates great affinity for bananas?

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