First Post

Welcome to “The New Atheist” – a new blog for people new to or interested in atheism/non-theism. A place to find resources, support, and hopefully useful thoughts.

I am starting this mostly due to a question an audience member put to Richard Dawkins during his presentation at Randolph-Macon Women’s College (Audience questions, readings).

The audience member asked about anger and other feelings associated with someone realizing there is no god/supreme creator/etc and the difficult feeling of being mislead, brainwashed, lied to etc. And that question, along with my own journey, led me here. I assume there are other communities for this purpose, I just haven’t found them yet. Add on to that the fact that I always tend to go my own way….and well, this is what we get.

I will try to a FAQ, or at least a presumed FAQ up before too long. For the time being, if there are any questions, please put them in the comments. The first question, I assume, is why no email address? Well, that is simple, the anonymity afforded by the Internet is actually good in this case, for all of us. While we might be confident in our non-belief, we might not need or want to wear it on our sleeves like some of our believer friends and acquaintances. Add to that the fact that atheists are
about the least likely to be elected and it is clear public opinion is against the god-less.

So, let’s see what happens, see if there is a community, see if anyone is interested.


~ by BK on 16 March, 2007.

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